Welcome to Smug Sweater Ltd.

Smug Sweater Ltd. is one of the leading sweater manufacturers in Bangladesh. We engaged Garments manufacturing by set up “Eva Sweater Ltd.” in 1993. Recently we start our new project “Smug Sweater Ltd.” in 2006.
We are one of the largest knitwear manufacturers & exporter in Bangladesh.

Why Smug Sweater Ltd.

Our major strength is its management. We want our employees to feel challenged and make a meaningful commitment to the industry through their individual contribution. In today’s industry we strongly believe that “Our product is our success”.

Quality in all aspects is the driving force of our operations. Persistence and development ensure quality enhancement and complete customer satisfaction.

Gauge Number of Machines Capacity/Month (Aprx.)
12 GG 1060 Sets 1,60,000 Pcs
7 GG 280 Sets 55,000 Pcs
5 GG 204 Sets 50,000 Pcs
3 GG 160 Sets 40,000 Pcs
Automatic Machine (Jacquard) 3G, 5G, 7G (Multi Gauge) 26 Sets 3,900 Pcs
Automatic Machine (Jacquard) 10G, 12G, 14G (Multi Gauge) 344 Sets 2,23,600 Pcs